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A blockchain is the cryptocurrency equivalent of a bank statement, it is a record of all real-time transactions that take place around the world. There are only two differences with a bank record: it's public, anyone can go in and see it; and only the addresses of the sender and recipient of the transaction are reflected (the equivalent of a bank account number) but it is not known who it is the address's owner.
And this is where we come in: through a process of inspection, identification, grouping and visual representation of data, we analyze the different blockchains with the aim of discovering useful information about the different actors involved in specific transactions in order to be able to trace them and trace its movements.

The information is always there and is usually public, you just have to know how to access it to extract it. And we have the knowledge and the tools to do it.


A Blockchain is a database based on blocks of information designed so that, once published by validators, they cannot be modified. Furthermore, each block is linked to the block before and after it (hence the concept of a 'chain of blocks') so that if an attempt is made to modify any block, the block before and after it must also be modified, and retort, the entire string, which makes it impossible to modify any element of the string because to do so, everything else would have to be modified. That's why if you know how to analyze, a blockchain is an immutable source of information and provides a lot of information, and very precise, about the activity of any person.


Detractors of cryptocurrencies allege that they are used to carry out illicit operations, but they do not take into account that any movement made with public blockchain cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin can be, is fully trackable (and that doese'nt happens with, for exemple, fiat cash money...). By looking at a node or a block explorer website, anyone can see the content of transactions, and with the necessary knowledge and tools it is possible to map all transactions. In fact, this is how the police catch many criminals using Bitcoin as a payment method. But, of course, the detractors of cryptocurrencies won't tell you that...!


We have already said that the vast majority of Blockchains are usually public, which is why it is possible to track cryptocurrency transactions. In the same way, then, you can make a "family tree" of the paths that have been followed to reach a specific portfolio. And in fact, this is what all banks look at before banking euros or dollars from cryptocurrency sales, to make sure they don't come from illicit activities.
We make private reports detailing all this information to present them in Compliance banking requests, so the client will know in advance and exactly what the path has been taken by the your cryptoassets before they reach your wallet, and before the bank analyzes their provenance.

Any human action leaves a track. It is a matter of finding it.

X. Towers - Gatxan CEO


Often it is not enough to find out which wallet has made which transfers, it is necessary to link it to a specific activity to associate it with situations that have occurred and to be able to relate everything to a specific person. And that's what we're all about too: we help investigative teams and collaborate with lawyers and private investigators to track, follow and investigate all kinds of people and suspected criminals and cybercriminals from of OSINT public sources with the commitment to always comply with current legislation, both in legal matters and private security, guaranteeing the legal security of our clients and our reports.


Passive research is always done from open OSINT sources and with the intention of collecting all the information necessary to obtain evidence about specific facts.


The active investigation is carried out if you want to expand and deepen the results of the passive investigation of the facts investigated.

The information is always out there,
it is only necessary to have the knowledge and the correct tools to find it.

X. Towers - Gatxan CEO


Despite trying to explain our services in detail, there is always the possibility that you may have doubts or that we have not been able to explain ourselves in the best possible way. For this reason, here is a list of frequently asked questions to try to resolve any doubts you may have.

The information is the building block of your company. Regain its control.

X. Towers - Gatxan CEO


In GATXAN we are a team of highly qualified professionals with long experience in what we specialize in:
computer security, cyber research, protection of privacy on the internet and, since 2012, research in blockchain networks.

The Gatxan team are my trusted advisors in all things cryptocurrency and cyber security, they give me the peace of mind I need for my clients.

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What seems impossible, in Gatxan they make it possible, they are able to extract information from where others assure you that it is not possible. They are far away from the rest of the professionals I worked with.

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Private Investigator

In Gatxan they manage all the hosting and security for my clients. They have been my peace of mind and security for over ten years.

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Gatxan is one of our best partners. In addition, they have a solid infrastructure of their own and a quality equal to the services they offer.

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If only YOU have your keys, only YOU have your data.

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